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B1 with SK3 board firmware?


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Just installed SK3 board into my B1 printer. I Couldn't flash marlin on SK2 board so I bought the SK3 since it looked like an exact replacement. Everything hooked up fine, i have a BL touch and i also purchased the 2 in 1 out kit with 2nd extruder (which i couldn't get the SK2 board to recognize)

I went line item for line item with the Marlin config suggested for the SK2 on B1/the included SK3 firmware and the newest version of Marlin 2.1.

Here are my troubles:
#1 the printer will not home in, y+z axis always want to go in one direction away from stops and x rams into stops and will try to overextend (pressing commands on the lcd screen)
#stops are not communicating with the axis 
# the step motors seem to be on full power which makes them buzz when in motion especially making z come down (they were silent before)
#the hotbed seems to take a bit longer to heat (could be me)
#lcd screen errors: 
  error: eeprom crc mismatch - stored 47018 != 41218 (calculated)!
  error: Failed to enable Bed leveling
  error: all high

The positives:
The second extruder is now recognized (noticed by pressing nozzle on the extrude/load/unload feature on the lcd screen that i have N0,N1. the bad is that the 2nd extruder is working in reverse of the commands. (Noted to self: (2 in 1 out) there is a required space of 20/30mm needed to back one filament out of the nozzle before sending the 2nd filament in. I have yet to come across this information so when i can get this printer working, this will be helpful i'm sure )

The SK3 board seems responsive and fast compared to the little time i had with SK2 board installed.

I have just entered the 3d printing world several weeks ago and find myself staying up later than usual in determination to get this printer working.
I have two Vyper setups with klipper/Pi to tackle after i get this gem running at 100%

Any suggestions welcomed.


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Running on Marlin-    2 in 1 works and the extruder is following commands

BIQU B1 (converted to BIQU B2) with 2 in 1 kit and SK3 mainboard

Had to setup a custom printer in CURA for the 2nd extruder (copy and paste settings from BIQU settings)

lets have some fun now.


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