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Biqu Microprobe and SKR Mini E3 V3


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Anyone had any luck getting the Biqu Microprobe working with a SKR Mini E3 V2 or V3? 

There's no marlin firmware for the Microprobe I can find, tried compiling as per the manual for the Microprobe just with different pins to match the pinout of the SKR Mini E3 V3;

#define Z_MIN_PROBE_PIN PC14

Even tried  the SKR Mini E3 firmware for the BL touch of desperation. I've also tried my old SKR Mini E3 V2. I've tried with both plugs in the probe IO on the SKR Mini and the 3 + 2 config with the Z stop. I've tried flipping the plug orientation this way and that nope nada.

The best I can get is the probe cycling in and out three times on powerup. But other than that it won't respond and neither does Biqu's support team.

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Hello, you can try this firmware, here is the link:https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0633/9480/8029/files/firmware.bin?v=1684553561.

If it doesn't solve your problem, please "submit a ticket" on the Community page, and choose it from the navigation. Our professional technicians will settle down your confusion as soon as possible.

Submit a ticket https://biqu3d.com/pages/submit-a-ticket

Have a nice day!

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Thankyou for the much quicker response than other support channels.

I've tried the firmware file in the link and no go, all I get is "No printer attached"!

I've tried submitting a ticket several times but have never received the verification email to two email addresses.

Hopefully I'll get a reply from support01@bigtreetech.com soon. I've been waiting a week.

Or should I just return it and get a BL touch which I know works with the SKR Mini E3 V3?

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Hello, I am very sorry to bring you a bad experience.

Your problem has been submitted to our engineer, and he will reply to you later.

You can also contact Email: biqu3dprinter@hotmail.com, she will help you handle the order problem.

Apologize again.

Have a nice day!

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