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Biqu B1 extruder motor getting stuck constantly and successively


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Hi all,

I recently got a Biqu B1 and I've been struggling some problems.

The bigger of them is that the extruder motor is getting stuck successively apparently without no reason.

The motor just stops. Doesn't respond to Load/Unload commands, no matter what I do. So I manually unload and load filament (the nozzle isn't clogged) but the motor still doesn't respond. This way the printer starts printing without filament coming to the nozzle and stays so. And in the same mysterious way that the engine stops working, it starts working again. I'm not able to notice a behavior pattern. I keep repeating procedures of loading/unloading filament manually , uncloging the nozzle, cutting off a supposedly problematic piece of the filament, changing the filament, and suddenly, the engine starts working again. I checked wiring, all connectors are well plugged and cabling is loose.

When it's stuck I even tryed to use some Marlin command to make the extruder motor to run, with no success.

I'm kind of always waiting for the motor "back to life" to start printing. Cold be a bad motor or a bad drive??

Could anyone please help? I've just received the printer and I don't really want to return it because of a minor problem

Thanks in advance.


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