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i need help


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i just got the biqu b1 se printer last week and it's been messing up...noticed that it was leaking on the  nozzle..the whole thing is caked in filament from day one, ive reached out to support, but no one has replied yet and that was last week...

any help would be great...i know that the bowden tube prob wasnt all the way down like it shouldve been, but that is how it arrived, i didnt mess with any of that..

i cant just clean this one up..one of the wires was sticking out by the looks of it and it was all melted and broke, so i need whole new hotend i think

would love the direct drive style..but i'll take what i can get for now


also, it will restart by itself if i am using the control box..no matter what buttons im pushing...it automatically restarts...









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need pics
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