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SKR Mini e3 v3 abl with Z endstop connected--Once the board is installed, what are the steps to follow to begin to print


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I have spent hours trying to get an ender 3 Pro to print ON THE BED.  Once the board is installed and you turn on the printer, what are the steps to follow, in what order to 1.manually level the bed, 2. to set the Z height offset, and 3. to set the probe offset?  I have adjusted the z endstop switch so that the nozzle is just above the bed.  When I next go to manually level the bed, the nozzle raises UP slightly and then moves into position to manually adjust the bed.  If I were to RAISE the bed to meet the nozzle to level the bed, the nozzle will then crash into the bed when I go to home the printer.  Also, I have set the Z height offset, and I have set the probe offset.  Maybe I am doing these things in the wrong order?!?  Also, what is the "shim 2.00 mm" that shows up in the z height offset window?  Right now when I ask the printer to begin a print, it will print above the bed in the air several mm.  Thank you for your help.  I am simply exhausted trying to research and figure this out with no answers.  In addition to not finding out what is the proper order of how to set up the printer, nowhere can I find anything about the "shim" that is showing up.  Where is that parameter set and why is it set to 2.00 mm?








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