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Just bought the 2in 1 out hotend and bttt turbo motherboard. I got them both installed and a second extruder installed. Need help with slicer and firmware.


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I just purchased one of y’all’s mother boards and 2 in 1 out hotend. I’ve got it all set up I just don’t know how to get printer firmware setup and cura settings right. Especially mixing and dual retraction.

Please help I’ve never had problems upgrading my printers. But this is new ground for me never head a dual extruder printer or one that printed 2 colors at all. I’ve already installed everything I just can’t find the info I need online so if someone that’s educated could please help would be much appreciated.

im installing on ender 3 pro

hotend:  US $22.69  11% Off | BIGTREETECH 2 IN 1 OUT Hotend mixed Color 3D Printer Parts J-head Hotend 12V/24V 1.75mm for Titan MK8 Extruder upgrade kit

mother board US $33.94  7% Off | BIGTREETECH SKR V1.4 Turbo BTT SKR 2 Motherboard 3D Printer Parts SKR 1.4 MKS GEN TMC2209 Ender3 V2 Upgrade For Voron 2.4 DIY

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