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SKR MINI E3 V2 board doesn't boot up when turned on

Randall Sam

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I was in the middle of heating up the printer when I noticed the screen froze. So I turned off the printer and then turned it back on again after awhile, but my screen just remains blue. I tried reflashing the original firmware for the board but it doesn't want to flash. I checked the forums and noticed a lot of other people have had the same issues with their boards as well. Any advice on how to fix this issue 

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Hi, it may be that your SD card or the SD card slot of the motherboard is causing you to fail to update the firmware. Please change another SD card for testing. Please use an SD card below 16G to perform the following steps. Format the SD card first, select FAT32 as the file system, Then copy the firmware.bin file to the SD card of the motherboard. Note that the name of the copied file must be firmware.bin. Put the SD card back into the SD card slot of the motherboard, Then power on the motherboard and wait for 15 seconds. Then put the SD card on the card reader and check the firmware name in the SD card. If the firmware name in the SD card has become FIRMWARE.CUR. Prove that the motherboard can successfully update the firmware.

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