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skr pro V1.2 to MMU


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I am having trouble to find the communication port between the MMU2S and the mainboard "SKR PRO V1.2", please can somebody help me?
This is my current configuration, but I´ve tried other configurations but the MMU2 doesn´t comunicate
File "Configuration.h"
#define SERIAL_PORT -1
#define SERIAL_PORT_2 1
#define BAUDRATE 115200
File "Configuration_adv.h"
#define MMU2_SERIAL_PORT 1
#define MMU2_SERIAL Serial
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On 5/9/2022 at 5:39 AM, BIQU info said:

If you have any product issues, please submit a request and we will arrange for an engineer to communicate with you as soon as possible.

Click on the top navigation "Submit a request" or Please click

Thanks, I´ve already asked. I´m looking forward to know why I cannot control the MMU2S with the screen but I can with the buttons of the unit.

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Hi ,
Thanks for your information.

I got some details need to be confirm with you.

1.What kind of firmware you use? Marlin or ?

2.Please send me the link for your  MMU2S , or the picture for your MMU2S ,I need to check for it.

3.What version is for your printer?

4.What version is for your display?



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