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BTT skr pro as 6axis robotic manipulator(Arm) control board


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hey guys 

I've been thinking about using skr pro +6*TMC5160s as the controller board for my 6DOF robotic manipulator  project,yet have not found any such usage before .I'm pretty much new to these board so i have a chunk of questions.thanks for your advises 🙏🙏🙏

1-can i program the board without using marlin ide?say like stm32cube and iar ?or matlab embedded  coder?

2-can i close my stepper motors loop with any type of encoder ?like AS5047 14bit magnetic encoder?

3-is there any I/O pins on the board that i can connect a camera module to ?

4-is there any STM32 library for TMC5160 driver ?


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