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Programming BIQU HermitCrab Can version with STM32CubeProgrammer


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So i want to falsh the HermitCrab with the STM32 Programmer with a selfmade bin or hex file. But i dont get it working. I put it in DFU Mode and it shows as connected in the Programmer but after i set the bin or hex file and press start programming i get error everytime.

Like this:   09:36:30 : Download in Progress:
  09:36:31 : Error: Write failed at address: 0x8000800 
  09:36:31 : Error: failed to download Segment[0]
  09:36:31 : Error: failed to download the File
  09:36:31 : RUNNING Program ... 
  09:36:31 :   Address:      : 0x08000000

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