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Using MMU2 with SKR PRO V1.2, fan1 doesn´t worl


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Hello, I am trying to use the MMU2 multi extruder and my printer works with an SKR PRO V1.2.
With the firmware working properly with 1 extruder, when I update with the MMU2 features, I lose control of the fans.
I try to activate FAN1 but instead of turning on FAN1, it turns on FAN0

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Hi ,
Thanks for your information.

There is no dedicated port for mmu2 on SKR pro 1.2,
How to connect, how to set the firmware. If it is connected to the TFT port, it is set to 1 in the firmware,
Also make sure that the motherboard and the MMU2 board share the same ground, TX is connected to RX, and RX is connected to TX.

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