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M1 Stop mid print on SKR mini e3 v3


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I recently got an srk mini e3v3 and installed with the btt tft35 v3(not e3). Its set up and Im loving it but I am strongly considering returning it for a refund. Whenever I am printing in mid print it will beep, stop printing and show a message on the display saying M1 Stop. I can hit the Continue button and it will resume the print.

This is so frustrating. The nozzle has to wait to warm back up and all. I hatch it as it happens so luckily it hasnt messed up my print. But I can see this causing my print to pop off since the bed cools down and has to reheat and same with the nozzle.


I dont know what to return and what to buy now. I am holding a brand new skr v2 and 2 btt s42c v1.1 closed loop stepper kits in my hand wanting to install them. I dont know if the issue is the screen or the skr mini or both. 


I am reading many other articles about others having the same issue. I even installed the IgnorePausedforUser plugin for Octoprint and its still happening.


Please help before I just get pissed and get my money back....... Cause I really am trying to like BTT. Hell, I am about to order the 500 degree Biqu H2 setup but am now second guessing myself. BTT please help restore the faith I had in ya. I really want to love this product.

m1 stop message.png

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well, my print would have turned out great but this stupid BTT glitch ruined my print. I have the octoprint plugin installed and 3 times in this 5 hour print the m1 stop happened and I had to manually press continue on the display. I am so fed up with this.

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