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Type-C line of hot end not inserted Error

David Mitrofan

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Hey I ordered my Biqu B1 and put it together myself. When I first turned the printer on, an error popped up on the screen saying the type C cable wasn't inserted well onto the hot end, so I turned off the printer, and re-plugged in the type C cable. Everything else after that was fine for a couple of weeks, and all my functions worked fine. Later, when I wanted to relevel the bed, the error that my type C cable isn't inserted correctly came back on, and I did the same thing as before. I turned the printer off and re-plugged in the printer, but this time the error did not go away. Every time I tried level the bed, the error would come on, and when I pressed for the printer head to go to point 1, it went to the wrong spot as before. I then pressed point 4, and the printer pushed the extruder head all the way to the end of the X axis bar until it made a bad noise. I haven't printed anything yet, so all the parts are new out of the box and all I did was install them. What should I do?

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14 hours ago, BTT Tony said:


Thanks for your information.

1.Please check what version is for your motherboard and upate the according firmware from github.


2.If it not work , please send me the video to reflect the erro info issue.


My motherboard is a SKR 2. I updated my motherboard with the Motherboard-SKR 2-F407 update, but nothing changed. As in the video, the extruder doesn't go to the right spot when I press point 1, and the C line error pops up again. I unplugged all the wires and plugged them back in before testing the printer, so I think its only the C line connection that is the problem. 



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6 hours ago, BTT Tony said:

Hi ,
Thanks for your information.

Please send me your order number ,and the email address

I will check it and send you a reply

I ordered this printer off of Amazon. Do you want that order number, or should I just return it? I think maybe they sent me a bad printer. 

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On 10/1/2022 at 6:57 AM, Fight Circus said:

what do you mean by disassemble the motors? I have the same problem, I disconnected the cables but the type C line error still appears

Hi, if you have any product problems, please feel free to contact our technicians by submitting a ticket. Here is the link:

Have a nice day!

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