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Bed Level Points Drive Extruder Into Bed

Scott Oliver

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Hello I just downloaded the latest version of Marlin from the BTT website. I have an ender 3 with a SKR mini e3 v1.2 and tft 3.0, and a BLTouch. I have enabled the bltouch ini the firmware. I didnt make many changes in the firmware outside of enabling the bltouch. I am having all sorts of issues with the bed level functions now. The first issue is when I use the level points in the level menu. The printer goes to the point then it runs the extruder into the bed driving it down. It goes down so far the screws cant even keep it in place. How do I stop this?

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Hi, how does your Bltouch connect to the motherboard, because Bltouch has two wiring methods, and the firmware used is different. Our official website has firmware suitable for them, you can download and use it directly. Use bltouch-for-z-homing.bin or bltouch.bin. https://github.com/bigtreetech/BIGTREETECH-SKR-mini-E3/tree/master/firmware/V1.2


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