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Ender 3 pro ground up update


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I bought an Ender 3 pro and things went great. then I decided top upgrade the psu as I found that some folks were having issues with the original.

Then I moved, and like all moves where you don't carry every single tech item from point A to point B yourself, having been properly packed and labeled ahead of time, some things got messed up and some things went missing.

Then we went into lockdown for 2 years.

So a few weeks ago my mini maker bit the bullet so I decided to try and resurrect the E3 pro, I had a bigtree board with the proper drivers and an LCD screen, but as I said some things were mislabled some things were missing.

After several hours of trying to patch things together I decided to bite the bullet and just start over. Yes I will have $150+ in 'new' parts that had never been used that were going to waste, BUT I figure if I start over I can start from a point of "KNOWN GOOD"

That being said, I would very much appreciate a recommendation for a MB and lcd that works together with the E3pro.

Ive looked through the forums and once again Bigtree is still the #1 recommended product, but looking through the site, I'm a tad overwhelmed not to mention not 100% sure of what will and wont work together.

Any and all recommendations are greatly appreciated.




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