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BTT SKR V 2 with adafruit Max31865


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I am trying to connect an adafruit Max31865 board to the SKR V2 using Hardware SPI.  What are the pins for the default hardware SPI bus? 

I am not using Extruder 1.  Can I access the SPI pins for E1 even though the other drivers are in UART mode?  The firmware is Marlin. 

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OK, I see that but it doesn't tell me where those pins are on the motherboard that I can connect the Max31865 to.  Looking at the bottom of the board, there is a reference to MISO, MOSI, SCK under each stepper driver.  Would I be able to use these pins under the unused E1 stepper to access the default SPI bus?  There are 3 pins next to each label.  Which ones are the correct ones?  The ones closest to the diag pin, the ones in the middle or the ones farthest from the diag pin? 

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