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Hermit Crab CAN with Revo Micro hotend


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I'm installing a Hermit Crab CAN in USB mode on my Ender 5 Plus, which has an Octopus Pro main board, and a Revo Mico hotend. The Revo Micro uses a 5 volt 2010 fan that has an inline 24v to 5v buck converter. This has been working correctly when connected directly to the Octopus Pro, but when connected to the Hermit Crab, Klipper loses contact with the Hermit Crab MCU and shuts down as soon as the fan spins up. If I swap the 5v fan and its buck converter for the stadard 24 volt 4010 fan (which is too large for the Revo Micro), it spins up correctly. Is there an issue using buck converters on the Hermit Crab fan connections?






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