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BTT octopus V1. 1


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Hello there. Yesterday my octopus V1. 1 arrived. I connected everything and compiled a fresh firmware.bin and formatted my 8bg SD card. I put the card on the board and power it on. Status led is blinking for 3-4 seconds and then it blinks slowly. I wait for 30 seconds and then check the sd card  and the firmware.bin file is still there and it didn't create a firmware.cur file. I tried to reformat, different sd cards, resetting the board with the reset button a couple of times with no luck the same thing happening. No firmware.cur file is created. Can I please have your help? Thanks a lot

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Please put two firmwares in SD card. One named "firmware" and one named "firmware.bin".
Then update the firmware again. Check to see if any of the files on the SD card can be capitalized. Because some win10 systems hide the .bin suffix by default, if you add .bin, the firmware name becomes firmware.bin.bin


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