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BTT Octopus V1.1 w/ Marlin 2 - status light keeps flashing

Remon Pel

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Hi all

I have been prototyping a BTT Octopus + BTT MiniLCD 12864 replacement package for my Tenlog TL-D3 Pro and have everything working so far.

All 2209 UART, sensorless homing on X and Y, BL Touch (Still need to figure out how to use the dual optical sensors for homing and BL Touch for ABL only)

I have done a heating test for both bed and hot-ends; everything is working fine, except; the status light in the "middle" of the board keeps flashing.

Why? Anyone have any idea?

(See photo; circled and arrowed; yes it is off in the picture, 50/50 chance, innit 😉 . Trust me, it's flashing. Also; yes; only 5 motors for a 7 motor set-up; I only have 5 spare motors, but yes, I tested all 7 axes. Also; no heaters or fans attached, but that did not make a difference either)


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The status light in the "middle" of the board keeps flashing: this is normal.
How to use dual optical sensor for homing: this you need to provide the model of the sensor,
Then check whether it can be adapted to our motherboard, the motherboard can support up to 5V homing sensor.

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