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Biqu B1 stops printing

Donnie Glover

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I have a new Biqu B1 printer and on it's first print, it stopped halfway through the print.  The screen would not respond and I had to shut off the printer and start over again.  It printed with no issues the bear that came with the sd card provided, then I printed the pokemon thing, again no problems.  But now it will not print anything without stopping, and it stops at different points.  I have tried different SD cards, using adapters for the sd card and not.  PLease help...I just bought this.

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Hi ,
Thanks for your information.

Printing stops suddenly in the middle of printing.
1. Can you still tap the screen? If you can tap the screen, it means that the quality of the SD card is not very good, and there is a problem of poor contact during the printing process, which makes it impossible to access the SD card. You can try another SD card.
2. If the screen cannot be clicked, it means that the communication between the display screen and the motherboard is disconnected, and try to update the firmware. If the firmware is updated and this problem still occurs randomly, it may be that the display or the motherboard has some defects, which can be tested by exchanging a display or motherboard.

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