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Replacing the Ramps MKS V1.4 board with the Bigtreetech 32bit board?

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My Tarantula Gen 1 printer prints great, I put a lot of upgrade and tuning into it. I would like to replace the original Ramps V1.4 board with a bigtreetech 32bit board.

1 I was told in doing so I would have to replace the thermistor in the heatbed with a compatible thermistor. I have the 220x280 large heat bed and know they are not readily available anymore and would have to rip the insulation to replace the thermistor. Is that necessary or can the bigtreetech board be programmed for the existing thermistor.

2 I know the LCD screen would need to be replaced, what would be an easy screen to get to work with the bigtreetech board.

3 Is there anything else I missed? What board/module/screen is recommended, if a new thermistor is needed what is recommended?


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