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BIGTREETECH SKR Mini E3 V2.0 + CR-touch + Ender 5 = FAIL?!


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I have an Ender 5 with said motherboard, and until today when I got my Cr-touch delivered to me everything has workd reasonable well, some parts has released from the bed, a startup of the machine has required a trim of the bed, but not much more serious then that. 
How ever, i check on your Github page, and download a new firmware that should help me install the CR-Touch and when I flash it to the board everything is plain blue, as it should be, but its still blue after 2-3 minutes, heck, even after an hour, and this with different firmware variants... What has gone wrong here? 
*Note*: I hadnt even plugged in the sensor to the board before I flashed the firmware, although I had unplugged the z-probe, and connected the wire for the abl in its proper 5 pin place, But that I undid before I flashed the firmware. 
Im in dire help of a new firmware or some serious troubleshooting here. 
Yours Truly Samuel G

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