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Biqu H2 V2s Revo dead after 3 months use


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My H2 V2s Revo was working fine last week 2 days ago I finished 2 prints off and this morning switched it on to reprint one of the files previously printed and get this horrible grinding noise which  I have now got on camera.  It had done something similar a few weeks back but that was a partial clog and the gears were chewing up  the end of the filament still inside the housing but it didnt make this amount of noise. I Also found this wear on the underside of the lever gear.


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I've been waiting for 2 months for something to happen with BIQU support, but they act like my problem doesn't even exist.

So if anyone needs help/support from BIQU, it seems they are in the wrong place. If anyone is interested in any specific items, perhaps they should look to another manufacturer (with support).

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