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Manta M4p Wont boot on 24v power.

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I recently purchased a Manta M4p and CB1, and despite installing all the firmware and ensuring that Klipper is functioning, the printer will only boot up when the USB jumper is attached. When attempting to power it via the power supply, the printer fails to boot and only lights up. I have tried various troubleshooting techniques but to no avail. I have attached a picture of the board and its power lights for your reference. Unfortunately, my attempts to seek support from the manufacturer have been fruitless, as they have been unresponsive for the past 18 days and replied with the number 1 before closing my case. As such, I am turning to the community for assistance. It is frustrating to encounter such issues, and upon researching on Reddit, I discovered that multiple users had faced similar problems, indicating that it could be a faulty board.


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