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Skr mini e3 v3 i/o

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I'm wondering the same thing.  I have this board in my Switchwire conversion and I want to be able to control a pair of servos, and 2 separate LED strips.

I'm reasonably certain I can use the BLTouch servo pin to control one of the servos, but not sure what to do for the second.  For the LED's, I already have the NeoPixel header being used by my Stealthburner, and the RGB data pin in the EXP1 is running the LED's in my LCD screen.

I've spent way more time than I'd like to admit trying to find an answer to this, but the closest I've come is that the I/O pins are a direct connection to the processor, and have no protections, regulation, or anything like that on them.

Hopefully someone on here can help us both in one go lol

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