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Manta M5P not detecting probe.

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I just installed a M5P with a CB1 in my Anycubic predator.  Everything works as it should except for the probe.  It will perform a Probe Calibrate and give a value in the config.  However when I do a delta calibrate it wont stop the Z movement and crashes my extruder into the bed.  I have my horizontal set at 150 and it blows past that and goes into the bed.  I have my probe connected correctly on the PC15 pin, ground to ground and the power to 5v.  I have tried everything I can find on the web to correct the issue, but with no luck.


pin: !PC15
z_offset: 15           #the distance between nozzle and level switch
speed: 5

radius: 185.0
speed: 5
horizontal_move_z: 150           # Set to a higher value to prevent the probe from running into bed during initial calibration


Any help would be appreciated.



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