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Hermit Crab CAN issues


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I'm currently working on setting up the Hermit Crab Can Edition with a BTT Octopus v1.1 and Raspberry PI 3B+. I have completed the wiring and have started to try to configure Klipper. I currently have Mainsail installed and it is recognizing my octopus board.

I am trying to get my raspberry pi to recognize the CAN-HotMode board. I have followed the steps on the github and have flashed the new firmware to the board. When I get to the step of running dmesg | grep -i '\(can\|spi\)', I am not getting the expected output. I am only getting:

[   97.663614] can: controller area network core
[   97.674453] can: raw protocol

It is not showing MCP2515 successfully initialized. Additionally, when I run "~/klippy-env/bin/python ~/klipper/scripts/canbus_query.py can0" it is showing "no such device".

I am at a loss and have tried flashing klipper firmware to the CAN-Hotmode board twice now, once with windows and again with the raspberry pi. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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