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Newbie looking for Firmware Assist on Mini e3 skr V3

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I am just starting out at 3d printing.  I haven't actually ever printed anything, but happened into an Ender 3 fixer upper.

I replaced the mainboard with a Mini e3 SKR V3, and I want it to work with BL Touch and sensorless homing.  So no sensors are connected, and the BL Touch is connected with all 5 pins together on the motherboard.

I applied jumpers to the X and Y as shown in the manual, but not Z.

I went and got from GitHub the firmware-ender-3-bltouch-for-z-homing.bin, renamed it firmware.bin, and copied it to an SD card.  I put that in the unit and powered on, but it didn't say it updated anything.  However, the card acquired a file called firmware.cur so I am guessing it either happened REALLY fast or my current FW is current.

BUT, when I go in and select Auto home, the Z axis moves a bit, then the X axis moves to the far left where the sensor used to be and keeps trying to continue.

So what am I missing?  My understanding was that this was the proper set of steps, and I did not need to recompile firmware for this.

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I have an ender 3 with the same board as you have, i think the problem you have is that you cannot have sensorless homing and a probe plugged in ie your bl touch. On my board i have a th3d sensor and i dont use sensorless homing. Also why have you put jumpers on x and y? It states on here that you dont use jumpers with the ender 3. go and check this link as thats what i used to set mine up. https://www.makenprint.uk/3d-printing/3d-printing-guides/3d-printer-mainboard-installation-guides/btt-skr-mini-e3-v3-guides/btt-skr-mini-e3-v3-setup-guide/#tmc2209_sensorless_homing
 Your conclusion as to the firmware file is correct the firmware.cur means that it has accepted and updated your firmware (remember to clear the eeprom afterwards). 

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