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i bought a printer about 2 months ago, Ive got 3 prints out of it since purchase and have emailed these people like crazy. The couple of responses i got in the beginning weren't quick but they did get back with me and sent me a new theirmistor wire. The wire i received is broke. I've emailed and nobody has bothered to reply to me. This company literally throws their products out the door then doesn't back their products at all. If you buy something from them then you better hope it never breaks. If it does your best option is to throw it in the trash because their support is terrible! I cant even get a reply back for simple questions. If you do get lucky enough to get something from then I wouldn't count on the product to be good quality. All I've seen here is another company trying to make a couple bucks off of junk. This is exactly why i went and bought a different printer. I've had no issues and if I have a question I actually get a response. The most irritating thing is that I've asked for prices and nobody gets back to me. Do you people not know how to maintain your own products? or do you not make replacement parts? id like to know what it is.

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