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SKR 2.0 STM32F429 Firmware

Faruk Sutar

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I have purchased a SKR 2 Controller Board.


I did some changes in Merlin 2.0 code, in configuration.h file and recompiled code through VSCode, platformio…


In new board instead of uploading “firmware.bin” file through SD Card, I uploaded a “firmware .bin” through STM’s “ST Link Programmer”…


Now its not accepting any of the firmware through SD card.. May be bootloader or STM32F429’s program is erased…


Can you please provide SKR 2’s (STM32F429) firmware/bootloader file(s) by which board can be restored to original?


It will be great help for me, as I am stucked to the basic thing and I have to dispatch the 3D printer urgently…

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On 1/31/2022 at 7:04 AM, Arturo Caballero said:

Attached is one I downloaded from my board.

SKR2FactoryFirmwareBckup.bin 1 MB · 0 downloads

Thanks a lot Arturo Caballero, its really a great help from you...

I was waiting for response from Bigtreetech, China... since its holidays in china, offices are opening on 6th Feb 2022... 

Checked this place today, and to my surprise you were posted the factory firmware .bin file... I immediately downloaded it in board... Its working fine.. my board is live now...

Thanks a ton...💙

Good day!!😊

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