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SKR Mini E3 V2 and Creality Spider 3 High Temp and High Flow Hotend Pro Marlin firmware adjustments for Ender 3


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Hi. I've just installed a new Creality Spider 3 High Temperature and High Flow Hotend Pro in my Ender 3 and it's working great with the existing firmware for my SKR Mini E3 V2. However, Creality says this hotend will allow temperatures up to 300 deg C (for materials like nylon) and flow rates up to 250 mm/s (which is not likely, but should still be a lot faster than stock). However, the hotend isn't very well documented and Creality understandably only offers a firmware for their own board.

What settings do I need to adjust in the Marlin configurations files to enable the higher speed printing and higher temps. More interested in the speed than the temperature settings right now because I pretty much print only with PLA, occasionally PETG.



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As far as I'm aware of you can set in Marlin Firmware the max temperature of the hotend and the machines limits for speed, acceleration and jerk.
If you reached your current machine limits in your current slicer settings then you need to adapt your firmware otherwise you can first tune your slicer profile for higher speeds.

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