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Bed leveling question and new BIQU MicroProbe


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I recently purchased an Octopus Pro V1.0 that I want to use with Klipper to upgrade my AON.  Today I received info on the BIQU MicroProbe but I haven't added auto bed leveling before because of my lack of knowledge on how it works, possibly causing excessive wear to the Z axis lead screws.  My 18 x 18 inch print bed is warped upward with a 0.007 inch crown in the center so I assume that the Z axis lead screws move the bed slightly up and down while printing to compensate.  If this is done on every layer over the possible 26 inch height, that's a BUSY Z axis.

My question is this: can the auto bed leveling be programmed to gradually reduce the amount of leveling to zero after a preset height or n number of layers?

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