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Skr mini e3 v2 wont flash


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I tried everything compiling my own firmware trying to install octoklipper marlin update 4 diffrent sd cards all new from diffrent brands from 255mb to 32 gb nothing works the printer wont flash the new firmware i get no blinking light on the board only green light i press on the tft 35 inti sd card i either get volume.init fail or sd init fail and never it renames itself to firmware.cur and no im not stupid it isnt firmware.bin.bin or anything like that

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I have also an firmware flash issue. 
Build a Klipper firmware an put it as firmware.bin on a SD card. Power off/on with the SD card but firmware was not installed. Tried several SD cards, FIRMWARE, FIRMWARE.BIN, firmware.bin, … no change. 
is there a way to debug what is goin wrong? A kind of debug log? 
as far as I know is flashing via USB not possible. 
Any ideas for me?

Thabks for your support!


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