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SKR Mini E3 V3 Issues

Ricardo Alsoa

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Hello Guys

I had a happy, bouncy Anet A8, after 5 long years of amazing work, her motherboard died. (RIP).

And after doing some research and seeing how much I could spend, I bought the SRK mini E3 v3 + TFT24 kit from BTT.

The Anet skeleton continued (Motors and structure) so I installed the new board, sensors, motors, table, extruder.... all ok.

When I plugged in the new card, everything seemed to work fine until I had the nozzle warm up to test.

I had arranged for him to stay at 230c but he would pass, go up to 275 and reach the safe limit.

The other problem is that even if I want to heat only the nozzle, or just the table, both are heated simultaneously.

This happened with the original firmware, this happened with the firmware I modified that is attached in this issue.

If anyone knows a solution, I'd appreciate it.
Greetings from Brazil to all, stay in peace.

This is my last FW Marlin 2.1.1


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