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LED Troubleshooting

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Printer Model: Voron 2.4r2
MCU / Printerboard: BigtreeTech STM32F446

I had my Chamber Lighting LED connected to J57. This is output is always on and the LED worked, but I could not turn it off.
I moved the LED connector to pin PF6. I have updated the config file however, I can't get it to turn on.

LED Strip for the case-light connected directly to pin PF6 on the Octopus. I don’t think that these are RGB because they only have a black and red wire.


I also have an LED light where the extruder is. This is connected to pin PB0.
I would like to know what I need to put into the config file to test these LEDs.

These are the LED lights that are by the extruder:

These are connected to a fan adapter PCB that attaches to the rear of the StealthBurner main body. The fan adapter is connected to the Toolhead PCB.
The Toolhead PCB is connected to the breakout PCB. Then a cable is going to pin PB0.

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I have done some testing and got resolved this problem.

Pin PF6 doesn't provide voltage; therefore it will not work and I moved the LED back to J57.

The LED that are next to the extruder that I got from Amazon were bad. I have replaced them and everything now works.

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