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Dragon Boat Festival Decorations Design Contest

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Hello! BIQU Fans.

The Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Duanwu Festival, is one of China's most important traditional holidays, typically celebrated on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month. This festival is rich in cultural traditions and customs, such as dragon boat racing, eating zongzi, and hanging mugwort. To promote traditional culture and inspire creative designs, we are organizing a Dragon Boat Festival 3D Printed Decorations Design Contest. We invite members to combine modern technology with traditional culture to create unique Dragon Boat Festival decorations.
Recommended Directions for Entries
1️⃣Dragon Boat Theme:
Design dragon boat models, focusing on detailed depiction and cultural symbols.
Create dragon boat ornaments, such as pendants or figurines, showcasing the dynamic beauty of dragon boat racing.
2️⃣Zongzi Theme:
Design various zongzi models, combining modern design elements to highlight the cultural significance of traditional food.
Create zongzi-shaped ornaments, such as keychains or pendants, that are both practical and commemorative.
3️⃣Mugwort and Calamus Theme:
Design ornaments featuring mugwort and calamus, emphasizing their traditional significance of warding off evil.
Create decorations related to mugwort and calamus, suitable for home decor.
4️⃣Commemorating Qu Yuan Theme:
Design ornaments themed around Qu Yuan's image or his poetry, expressing remembrance of the poet's spirit.
Create commemorative figures or other cultural symbols related to Qu Yuan, promoting patriotism.



Contest Object

All the BIQU Community members. What are you waiting for if you still haven’t become one of us? Sign in right now!



Judging of Entries:2024/06/25--2024/06/27
*Time Zone: Based on GMT+8.

(Points can be redeemed for Free 3D printers and Accessories)


Prizes and Awards

First Prize: 1 winner - Reward 500 community points
Second Prize: 1 winner - Reward 300 community points
Third Prize: 1 winner - Reward 200 community points
See more rules of community points on the Point Shop page:


Entry Procedure(two simple steps)

Step 1: Click https://community.biqu3d.com/files/ and submit a model file on the site, which contains at least one 2 real pictures, and the size should not exceed 50M.
Step 2: After uploading, copy the file link and paste the link at the bottom of this contest post and leave “Your name + Entry name” please.


Entry Rules
1. Upload your contest entry on the official website to avoid losing the chance to vote.
2. Each user can submit up to 3 works before the deadline, but there is only 1 final entry. The last submitted work shall prevail. When submitting multiple works, please upload the model separately and leave comments separately.
3. Submitting entries that do not fit the contest criteria will result in disqualification and repeated offenses may disqualify you from our future contests.
4. The entries should be original. Those who misappropriate or plagiarize other people's works will be disqualified.
5. All awards are selected by BIQU officials. The selection criteria are popularity (likes and comments), the exquisiteness of model printing, (whether there are obvious defects such as drawing, spots, or layer separation), and post-processing (including grinding, coloring, painting, etc.)
6. The awards are not repeated. If a user has won a first prize, he cannot gain the third prize.
7. The after-sales service and return service of the prizes are the same as the BIQU products.

Looking forward to your participation!

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