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Setup SKR3 EZ with a Ender 3 Pro


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this is my last shot at this, because I'm truly exhausted by this printer.

Short story...

I have the printer for a year now, board broke, i bought the SKR3 EZ board, connected it and setup a RPI4 with MainsailOS.

The printer is somehow setup but not properly, the axis length doesn't match, when I tell the printer to move +1 it moves like 1cm... the TMC2209 code block is uncommented as I haven't found any information how to set it up or if i need to set it up, just nothing.

Any video I find about 2209 is mostly marlin while I use klipper, it's truly annoying because since a week the progress with this printer has stopped.

Fell free to help me, I'm very thankful, if I don't make it until monday I'm throwing this whole "working" printer into the bin and getting a new resin printer. If I did overtime at work I could buy already a printer instead fixing this one. Sorry for being so "unfriendly" but I'm mad, frustrated and just angry that i can't make it work.


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