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Moving Z also moves E


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I finished configuring my Octopus 1.1 board with TMC2209 drivers and double Z axes, and bumped into a problem I haven't been able to resolve. 

Once I configured everything I noticed that my Extruder wasn't working , I swapped motors and cables but the problem persisted. I then noticed that the extruder steps whenever the Z steppers move. In fact, the Z and E steppers seem to be in sync, meaning that E always moves exactly the same as Z1 and Z2.

I have double checked the configuration and pins, the power to the motors, and everything else I can think of, but can't find the cause of this. All other functionality appears to be working correctly. Any ideas what may be causing this? Thanks!

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I too am having similar motor problems with the same board. I am at a loss as what to do next. I have installed three Bigtree board in the past using Marlin 1.9 to current 2.1 with little difficulty but the Octopus is strangling me with its tendrils. 

My Tronxy X5S-A is brand new and came with a Chitu board. However I decided to try the new Octopus V1.0 board with TMC2209's and Marlin Bugfix 2.1 but after three weeks cannot resolve X and Y direction problems, Extruder motor wont run, End stops wont respond and finally, the Z probe responds to proximity movement but will not stop the bed moving.

Please, Please, PLEASE! can someone stop me from going mad!


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