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I tried different firmware versions since I  replaced my original creality motherboard with a SKR Mini E3 v3.0 / TFT35  and my ender3 is not working properly.

I connected the bltouch to the port Zprobe. someone have a firmaware version that apply for my setup_ The firmaware version avaliable from bigtreetech is not working, zoffset wizard is not available, Z negative is not available, blotouch is always failing,



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How convenient that their support ticket is non functionable and they seem to not care for nothing but profit. This has gone unanswered which is sad to say the least.

I am in the same boat with a non functioning TFT35 non working since day 1 yet they don't care what so ever.

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It has been over a month now and all I have is a paper weight for a printer trying to upgrade. When is BIQU or BTT for that matter going to step up to the plate and fix the website ticket submit. Seems these two China companies are working together to defraud people.

Do all companies in China show this kind of non empathy towards customers.

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