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Won't Auto bed level

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I just finished assembling my B1 SE Plus, and I can't get it to autobed level. It heats up to the first setting then cools down then it starts the bed leveling in the middle the hot end touches the plate twice goes to the far back left corner touches the plate twice and then the hot plate moves all the way to the back to the home position and the hot end moves to the far left to its home position and it stops. On the screen after it touches the center of the plate it briefly shows a message showing one of 36 points and then after the Z axis moves to its home location it says setting stored and it goes back to the autobed leveling menu. I have reset the settings for or five times now and I still can't get it to work.

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Hello, I am very sorry to bring you a bad experience.

You can contact Email: service004@biqu3d.com, and she will help you handle the problem.

Apologize again.


Have a nice day!



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