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B1 SE Plus: Filament is difficult to remove from hot end


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The problem I'm having is that the filament is extremely difficult to remove from the hot end. This has happened twice -- once with the sample filament, and now with the Inland PLA that I purchased at MicroCenter. Heating up the hot end doesn't help either. On both occasions, I have had to remove the PTFE tube from the hot end and used pliers to pull the filament free. Upon extraction, I measured the diameter of the filament, and at the very end, it's 2.02mm vs 1.78mm for the rest of the filament. I never had this problem with my Ender 3 Pro.

This probably wouldn't be that big of a deal to me, except that it makes it impossible to take advantage of the filament runout sensor, as the act of pulling the filament free has invariably resulted in the z-axis position being altered as the filament finally comes free.

I posted this on the BIQU B1 SE Plus FaceBook group page, and one person has replied that he has the same experience while another said he can pull the filament free when cold without any problems. I'm wondering if there's something wrong with my hot end. Any help in correcting this is appreciated.

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Hi, I usually just heat to 175C and I can pull it out without issue. The end is usually an ingot shaped like the inside of the nozzle pulls out just fine.  The issue I did have when mine was new, was the factory didn't cut the PTFE tube properly, resulting in it being too short and not touching the backside of the nozzle. Mine had about a 0.3mm gap. Not sure what's causing yours to lock up in there, even with the heating. I cut a new tube and made sure it butts up against the nozzle and I've not had any issues with printing.

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