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'printer not attached'


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SKR 1.4 Turbo and TFT 3.5

Hi guys, I have been building a Corexy and have compiled and built the code in VSC using Marlin v2.0.

Everything checks out fine and it produces a firmware.bin file as it should.

However, when I try to load the firmware onto the board - using either a sd card in the TFT, or a micro sd on the board itself, I get a message saying 'printer not attached'. Despite whatever I try nothing works.

Any suggestions?



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First of all, make sure that your serial ports are declared correctly, and that you have the same baudrate on both the board and the screen. 

Second of all, are you sure that the firmware is being flashed in the board? On some versions (in my case SKR 2) you have to rename the "firmware" file to "FIRMWARE" so that the board can read the file. 

A good way to figure out if the firmware is being flashed is to see some red leds start blinking rapidly when powering on the board. Afterwards, you can check on your pc if the file extension has change to .cur . 

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