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BTT Octopus 1.1 PT100 J47 input...

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Hi everybody!

I wanted to use the PT100 input J47 (PF8) of my octopus 1.1 board.  So I ordered and installed the INA826 chip required.  I did the right config in Klipper to get the reading.  Now my reading is -227 degC like if there was no sensor. 

My config is:

[temperature_sensor ambient]
sensor_type:  PT100 INA826
sensor_pin: PF8

What's wrong?

Is there somebody who did this move?



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Ok.  I took some measurements.  With a PT100 rtd connected to room temperature voltage reading between pins 4(+) and 1(-) is -0.118V.  If you prefer: pin 1 to ground, 286mV and pin 4 to ground, 386mV.  Why is it négative?  Everything  is referenced to ground in the schematic.  

Thanks for your help.

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