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SKR 3 EZ running a BLTOUCH

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I am running a new SKR3 EZ on my CRS-10 Pro. I have rebuilt this printer to include dual direct drive all metal extruders using a holder of my own design with a loss of about 30mm along the x-axis it also has a BLTouch mounted and raring to go but alas no firmware that works. The previous board was an SKR2 and I managed to get my BLTOUCH operation in that firmware but when I move the same settings to the new firmware the actual z-homing does not work correctly. The Z-axis raises and then proceeds to lower. The problem is the sensing. The probe is extended and it meets the bed as you would expect but the board is not receiving the signal because the z-axis continues to move downward and would continue right through the bed if possible. This is the same exact thing that other BTT boards had but they were resolved with either hardware or firmware fixes.I checked the firmware settings in both online documentation and using my old working code as an example. No luck. Both X and Y home correctly IN pins the SKR3ez has the #define Z_MIN_PROBE_PIN  set to PC13 while in SKR 2 it was set to PE4 IN SKR3EZ PE4 is #define PS_ON_PIN but still no luck

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