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CR-Touch Cable Pinout for SKR 3 EZ


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Hi All,

I have a CR-Touch with the 5 pin jack. I removed the pins and put them into 2 pin and a 3 pin jack. Klipper doesn't seem to recognize the CR-Touch. Can someone tell me the correct pin positions in the jacks? At the moment I have:

2 Pin Jack (L-R)

  • 1: ground - White
  • 2: Signal - Black (PC13)

3 Pin Jack (L-R)

  • 1: Ground - Red
  • 2: +5V - Blue
  • 3: Signal - Yellow (PE5)

The printer is an Ender 3 V2.

Does anyone have a CR-Touch on a SKR 3 EZ running Klipper?

Thank you,


This is the relevant configuration:

sensor_pin: ^PC13 # SKR 3 EZ board
control_pin: PE5 # SKR 3 EZ board
x_offset: -22 # Satsana Fan Duct Remix for Micro Swiss Direct Drive
y_offset: 0.0 # CR Touch offset
z_offset: 0.65 # will update
#pin_up_touch_mode_reports _triggered: False
stow_on_each_sample: False
probe_with_touch_mode: True

home_xy_position: 110, 110 # Change coordinates to the center of your print bed
speed: 50
z_hop: 10                 # Move up 10mm
z_hop_speed: 5

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