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New B1 Printer Build, X Axis VERY LOUD and Printer Fails


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My brand new out of the box B1 has an issue with the X axis making a very loud noise when it moves, which it doesn't always move when I tell it to.  When it does move eventually after a few seconds the printer gives a printer failure error message on the touch screen:  "Printer halted. kill() called!"

I have swapped the Z and X axis stepper motors only for testing and the same thing happens while the Z axis runs fine with the X axis motor. 

I have also gone through each of the wire connections are properly secured in their respective connectors on the motherboard and the stepper motors.

I have also swapped the stepper motor driver chips between X and Y and Y works fine while X still has the issue.  When the stepper motor is disabled the extruder carriage moves free and easily without any binding or noise.  I have verified that the belt is aligned and properly tightened and is not rubbing on the X axis bar.

I am out of ideas, other than possibly a bad mainboard?  I have three other 3d printers, including an Ender 3 Pro and Ender 3 V2 that have zero issues and an OLD printer that I bought many years ago and learned a lot about printers in that time.  My experience tells me that this is not an issue with anything I have done as being the issue, but I am open to suggestions.

My current thoughts are that this may be a mainboard issue?

Thank you.

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