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CR10 S5 and SKR Mini E3 V2 Manual Bed Leveling points are very wrong


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Hello all.  I have a CR10 S5 and SKR Mini E3 V2 and Ive found an issue where when I go to Tram my bed, Manual Bed Leveling points are very wrong.  All 4 "Corners" are not in the corners, they are in a 100x100 space on the front left of my bed.  My bed is 500x500.  Its set to this in the marlin firmware.  I even changed the Tramming point coordinates to be accurate in the firmware.    Is there something Im missing here?  Auto-bed Leveling brings my CR in 25 spots on the bed, accurately.  Im not understanding why the Manual Tramming points are incorrect,

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Figured I'd post this here as well, some code that I was referring to:

Tramming points:

  // Define positions for probe points.
  #define TRAMMING_POINT_XY { {  30, 30 }, { 470,  30 }, { 470, 470 }, { 30, 470 } }
and the bed size:
#define X_BED_SIZE 500
#define Y_BED_SIZE 500
// Travel limits (linear=mm, rotational=°) after homing, corresponding to endstop positions.
#define X_MIN_POS 0
#define Y_MIN_POS 0
#define Z_MIN_POS 0
#define Z_MAX_POS 200
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