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SKR PICO as a Control Board for Electric Guitar Pickup Winder

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Hi all.  New to PICO and new to this forum.  I have a number of questions but I'll start by asking the one below as it will have a bearing on all the other questions I may ask over the course of the coming weeks and months.

I want to use the 3 axes (X,Y,Z) of the PICO to drive what is essentially a mini cnc machine for winding electric guitar pickups.  Without going into too much detail, I want to explore the possibility of using a PICO - possibly with a Klipper, Moonraker, Mainsail configuration - on a Raspberry Pi 4.  In short, the hot bed, extruders, thermistors etc. would be surplus to the requirements of the design.

My question is this:  Is it possible - and how much work would be required - to disable as much of the 3d printing functionality of the board as is possible via the configuration to achieve a 3 axis solution?

I already have a 'working' winding machine that I designed a few years back using a combination of Arduinos and RAMPS using Marlin firmware.  It works OK, albeit cumbersome and built on aging, slow technology.  Piggy-backing the PICO on the Pi is an appealing proposition.

Thanks for any input on this.





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