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update firmware to skr mini e3 v2 over usb

marius j

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Im trying to do a firmware upload via usb since my board is not taking the SD card ( tried all these different google solution with firmware.bin, light is green, but not taking any card, tried with 1 new 8GB card, 1 used 32GB and 1 new 32GB, all works on other printers/ boards).

However, there should be possible to upload the firmware via the USB via the Maple driver. As far as I understand the Maple driver is activating USB over UART, however I'm new to the Platform IO, but very familiar with C and Python and it seems quite straight forward.

I have a failure in the upload protocol because it tries to use STlink. I want to change it to Serial, but Im not sure which ini file its uses. I see that most SKR boards with the STM is extended software-vice from the STM32F103RC_maple , so I tried the STM32-maple.ini file changing the line for upload protocol for the STM32F103RE_btt to serial, but it still says gets UPLOAD PROTOCOL : STLink.

I have however a few other files that are in the project, my question is:

Which of these ini files should I edit:

stm32f1.ini or stm32f1-maple.ini or (stm32f4.ini which I assume is not working because it belongs to another processor class), or perhaps I'm wrong here, and there is a simple error I'm making


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