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Has anyone ported CircuitPython to any of the BBT boards, specifically the SKR Pico with its RP2040?

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I have a BBT SKR Pico which I intend to use with a Raspberry Pi Zero 2 W to run a Kipper installation to upgrade the electronics of an old MakerBot Mini Replicator (essentially replacing all the electronics from the stepper motors inward).  Since the SKR Pico contains an RP2040 processor and a bunch of flash memory, it's also candidate to run the CircuitPython environment.

Why would anyone want to run Python on the SKR Pico board?  It comes down to the TMC2209 driver chips on the board and driving steppers.  Trinamic (now part of Analog Devices), the designer of the chips, has long offered a test and development software/hardware suite for developing stepper driver systems, consisting of the TMCL-IDE software package (running on Windows or Linux) along with an appropriate collection of their development boards, to design, test, characterize, monitor, etc., stepper motor systems.  Unfortunately, the hardware required is typically a couple hundred (US) dollars.  We already have the functional equivalent hardware in the SKR board, with MCU, Flash and TMC driver chips.  There are several approaches possible to porting the TMCL IDE software capability to the board.  After some thought, my desired approach is to port CircuitPython from one of the many other RP2040-board cousins to the SKR Pico.  There I will have the ready ability to set the control registers of the TMC2209s, spin steppers and monitor their behavior, as well as optimize the TMC settings for operational use.  This port has the side advantage of making the standalone SKR Pico usable in a wide variety of stepper applications outside of Klipper and even 3D printing.

So the open question is: Has anyone ported CircuitPython to any of the BBT boards, specifically the SKR Pico with its RP2040?

TIA for comments and suggestions,


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